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Hi! I'm Leonardo Pliskieviski, I'm a full stack software engineer.

I help people to make the world a better place by bringing high-quality digital transformation to companies.

About Me

I was born in 1999 in Curitiba, PR.

My love for technology started many years ago, it all began when I was only 11 years old (~2010) when I enrolled in some local courses to learn about typing, the basics of hardware, and programming. After going further, I've found that this is what I would like to do for my entire life

In 2016 I graduated with an Associate's degree in Information Technology at Opet, Educational Group.

In 2020 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at UTP.

I've always been self-taught, so when I discovered technology another world of possibilities opened to me. My love for learning has always been there.

My goal since then was to always enhance people's lives by resolving their issues with the help of technology, and, with years of professional experience, currently, I'm working at Toptal as a Senior Software Engineer.

I learned a lot from my experience with the technology industry ranging from small projects in startups to enterprise-grade projects since then.

A bit of learning:

The domain is the heart of the Software Solution. Great software starts with great communication and iteration around the domain.

Great Software Engineers build software with the representation of real-life things but in code.

Applications need automated tests, and I see that TDD is worth it.

Unnecessary complexity is cost. (KISS & YAGNI principles).

Great separation of concerns in software makes it easier to test, each thing & layer has its purpose.

Documentation is important, the work is not done if it's not documented.

The Software is the consequence of the iterations around the communication, always try to resolve the problem on the business side first, the software is a consequence.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for me, turning a complex problem into a simple thing is an art.

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer

    [2021/Nov - Current] - Toptal

    Working for a B2B and B2C platform used by hundreds of millions of people, developing new features and improvements. Stack: Node.JS, Redis, TDD, Jest, Swagger.

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer

    [2020/Feb - 2021/Nov] - Hero99

    Responsible for the Philips DLS (Design Language System) DesignOps automation with the team, advanced software development design decisions, and software testing. Stack: React.JS, Node.JS, Angular 9+, TDD.

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer

    [2019/Apr - 2019/Dec] - PlugApps

    Contributed to the development and maintenance of a powerful microservices architecture. Stack: React, Node.js, Terraform, Redis, PHP.

  • Intern Full-Stack Software Engineer

    [2018/Apr - 2018/Dec] - Multilig

    Had the opportunity to work as an Intern Full-Stack Software Engineer with Node.JS & PHP. Working for a B2B SaaS application for company management.


  • Design & User Experience

    • - Domain Analysis

    • - Requirement gathering

    • - Best Practices guiding

  • Development

    • - Front-end coding (React.JS)

    • - Back-end coding (Node.JS)

    • - Automated Tests

    • - Documentation

    • - Guiding / Code quality assurance

  • DevOps

    • - CI / CD

    • - Terraform - IaC

    • - AWS

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